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​​Rooms is a piano trio formed in Chicago in 2013 and now based in New York City and Copenhagen. Comprised of Dan Pierson on piano/keyboards, Charlie Kirchen on bass, and Matt Carroll on drums, the group has honed an aesthetic that moves seamlessly along a continuum touching modern jazz, free improvisation, and electronic music. The evolution of the band’s sound can be heard on their 3 albums Rooms (2014), Emic/Etic (2015), and Vigil (2017).   Their new album, "Rooms Temperature," captures both a transitional and culminating moment in the band’s history, featuring a book of material the band had been working on for two years, recorded in the summer of 2018, weeks before its members moved out of the Midwest. The results show the full range of the group’s sound, showcasing music that strikes a balance between abstraction and viscerality.

- Recorded at Shape Shoppe by Nick Broste in 2018

- Post production & mixing at Piersonsounds Studio, Columbia University, and Figure 8 Recording

- Mastered by Dan Pierson